So, I’m longing for those days of summer when I can sit by the pool. Wait. No, I’m not. I’ve never been a pool lounger. But, I am longing for days in Colorado or Lake Superior or Lake Michigan or Manitowoc, WI or just about anywhere that has mountains or a large body of water and is less humid than Indiana.

I’m longing for a pile of good books, a few good movies, and some time to want to chat on the phone since I haven’t been doing so all day or night due to crazy life issues. I’m longing for sleeping in, staying up late, pedicures, and flip flops, and sitting in coffee shops just people watching and having a good time.

I’m longing, simply put, for a vacation. I’ll let you in on a little secret… shhh….. I haven’t had a vacation, a real vacation in probably 3 years. Shhhh…. Sure, I went to Cali, but that was a jam-packed good conference during which I was going non-stop while sick. I need a vacation where time just stands still. I have no specific place I need to be. I can sit and relax for as long as I want or get up and go as much as I want.

Simply put some days I want to life to stop sooooo badly that I simply ache in my bones for it. Realistic? No. Needed? Very much so.

See, life has been very, very draining over the last 2.5 years. I don’t know what season I would point to as a season of restoration or healing. Rather, I pray one is coming sooner than later.

I’ll tell you another little secret… one I haven’t even told my family yet… I’m going to take a month off in August. Yes. I am. I’m going to finish my nanny job and then take a solid month (through my birthday) off to just relax, enjoy life, and get caught up on the necessities. Then the job hunting can begin. Then I can think about life. But yours truly is going to take a risk and just check out of work for a month. I think it will improve my health that has been rather lacking lately. Yep. That’s a huge step of faith for one surviving on very little right now.

Someday all this will be forgotten…