You cannot outrun yourself… no matter how much I want to run from all these emotions, frustrations, and thoughts it is impossible.

I would never want to be a puppet- I feel like a puppet with strings being jerked over the place. Not fun.

Some days it is easier to believe than others.

I need the body of Christ to help me believe.

Anger lies too close below the surface for comfort.

Life is not perfect. By a long shot. But it wasn’t meant to be. This is not a fun truth.

I’m not motivated when things don’t seem to be going my way for long periods of time. Selfish, huh?

Banging the back of your head against the wall helps you feel better… temporarily.

There is NOTHING I can do to fix this. NOTHING.  I am not in control and I’m not sure how I ‘feel’ about Who is in control right now.  Brutally honest, huh? I know what I believe though.

I am that double-minded, unstable man in James 1.

Saying goodbye to some dreams you have had since you were little is like losing a part of yourself.

Change and I DO NOT mix well. Never have. Not sure we ever will.

I like milk, but I’m not sure how I feel about dairy farms . Cryptic, I know.

I love Lake Michigan and specifically the Indiana Dunes and Traverse City. When hard times come I would do just about anything to be sitting in the sand praying, crying, singing.

I love kids and think that I always will like spending time with them sometimes more than with peers. Weird, I know.

Rick Holland was every bit as awesome as I was anticipating. I still can’t believe I talked with him.

June 1 is not the new April 1.

Emotions can kill your desire for God or boost it.

I don’t live like today’s actions are tomorrow’s consequences.

My extroverted tendencies are turning into introverted tendencies. Hmmm.

I am not super woman. I cannot do everything. In fact, I can do little.

Suffering reveals true character.

I struggle with gratitude amidst adversity.

I am nothing more than dust who will one day return to dust and rise to spend eternity with my Savior. I would love for that day to be now!

All said and done, “All I have is Christ!” Nothing else matters.

El fin.