So, it’s over. Done. El fin. The end.

Why can’t I feel something more than I do?? I’d welcome tears of joy or tears of sorrow over mistakes made. I’d welcome wanting to do a dance or wanting to throw something in the air. Yet, I don’t feel much of anything. It’s sad.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I wonder if it is because I’ve become a bit desensitized this semester and it’s catching up. I wonder if it will hit…

I walked out of school after loading my car up, saying goodbye to an AWESOME secretary, and didn’t look back. At all. I felt nothing. No remorse over leaving. Nothing. It was after I got home that I realized I hadn’t said goodbye to really anyone else. What a difference a year makes. Last year I was about in tears over goodbyes. I was not wanting to walk through that door for a last time. I FELT for a long time.

I just keep feeling like something was left undone and I’ll have to go back in. Like June 1 will be the new April 1 and the joke will be on me. I am done. The summer is here. I’m out of there.

On to new adventures. Here’s to hoping June 1 is not the new April 1 and that I’ll have faith to walk the road ahead… cause I can about guarantee there will be days I want the tears to go away not come…

God, thank you. Thank you for providing. Thank you for loving. Thank you for correcting. Thank you for directing. Thank you for the way you used Your people in these processes. From a spring break getaway to a completely covered plane ticket, to exhortation, to hugs and prayers, to encouragement and to answers to prayer. May your name be praised!!