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I’m going to be teaching!!

So, I just got a phone call from a super nice principal at a school close to my house… I had interviewed there last Friday for a fifth grade position that was opening up at the beginning of December.

His super nice voice mail said I had done a great job in my first interview which was helpful because I was hoping for some feedback. He also said that he wanted to offer me two back to back maternity leaves at his school starting in January….

SOOOO, starting January 5th, yours truly will be taking over 2 maternity leaves at Clarks Creek Elementary.

I’m just slightly excited over the way my faithful Lord has provided!


I’m graduating!!

In 3.5 weeks I am done with student teaching… I go back for one 3 hour debriefing period a week later and then I am DONE with my bachelors and I would like to say I am done FOREVER… unfortunately, if I do end up teaching there is a little thing called graduate work… blah…

but for now…. I AM DONE IN ESSENTIALLY 3.5 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I’ll be having random yelling fests between now and then!!